Genesis Release 4.0 (EA) Now Available

Ambernet today announced the early availability of Genesis Release 4.0. Release 4.0 is a major milestone in the innovative capabilities of Genesis with the launch of “Elastic Responsive Storefronts”. Genesis Elastic Responsive Storefronts will provide unprecedented power in the hands of our customers to launch the next generation of responsive digital storefronts without writing a single line of code! Using the Administration Portal a designer can design the complete layout, content and design of the storefront, with full transactional integration with the Genesis platform core. Further, each tenant and partner can have a completely different storefront, all hosted from the same Genesis platform core. The major new features of Release 4.0 include:

  • Elastic responsive storefronts
  • Support for offer segmentation by geolocations
  • Enhanced Identity Management support, with support for multiple Single Sign On (SSO) protocols
  • Administration Portal upgrade
  • On-boarding of additional ISVs