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Management & Governance of SaaS, Cloud, and IoT is a broad space. Recently Gartner published a report on SaaS Management Platforms (see here). Amazon Web Service (AWS) also published a whitepaper on Cloud Governance @ Scale (see here). These reports and white papers provide an excellent overview of the various capabilities expected in a Management & Governance platform. The capabilities of Genesis are described in this context.

Budget & Cost Management

Managers and Administrators get an up-to-date view of their subscription costs on a dashboard.  The dashboard displays color coded information to immediately point out any excess spend. You can track costs at the project and department levels, as well as get a rolled up view for the entire company.

Managers can also run one-time or recurring scheduled reports at the company, department, and projects levels to provide on-going visibility into costs. Who spent how much and when? Top 10 Costs, Top 10 Products, License Usage, and more.

The system automatically generates rolled up cost records from internal or external data. The cost rating engine runs periodically to update costs.

Dashboard with Budget and Cost Management


Genesis is pre-integrated to a number of SaaS and non-SaaS (or COTS) vendor products. If a SaaS vendor is not already integrated we guarantee rapid on-boarding within days! Genesis innovations, including domain-driven design, compiler plugins, on-boarding API, and on-boarding bridge support just about any type of integration.

Integrations to SaaS or non-SaaS vendors includes support for configuration, activation, license management, users/groups, accounts, events, logs, invoices, and access to native console (via SSO) depending upon capabilities of the vendor APIs .

Genesis Integrations
Administration Dashboard


Federation of Administration functions has many benefits. Instead of having to learn and perform repetitive actions across tens or hundreds of native SaaS vendor consoles, the system abstracts, automates, and propagates all admin actions from a central location. Genesis figures out the differences between vendor admin functions applying the correct commands on a per vendor basis without any manual intervention. You save hundreds of man hours each year!

Role-based access control through permissions at multiple levels including tenant, company, department, and project. Permissions control granular functions such as who can change budgets, run reports, edit user information, reset passwords, etc. It also ensures that authorized users are using resources in a fully compliant way.


Centralize SaaS procurement with customized, flexible approval workflows with full auditing and logging based on role and permissions. Project users request resources, managers approve, admins procure. No more shadow IT!

Manage licenses with one-click assignment of product license to multiple users, or assign multiple product licenses to a single user. Create custom employee on-boarding and off-boarding workflows to ensure new employees have the tools they need from day one, and when an employee leaves you don’t leave licenses dangling. No more wasted licenses!

Genesis workflows support BPM standards with tasks routed to the correct user(s) based on roles and permissions. Users also receive task notifications via email and text messages.

License Management

Compliance & Audit

SaaS Events & Alerts track policy violations or notify managers of any non-compliant use of SaaS resources. Custom workflows can be configured to escalate events or take corrective actions.

Vendor Compliance management allows you to keep track of all your vendors, ensuring you are not exposed due to the use of non-compliant vendors.

Audit Logs track all actions taken by company admin, managers, and employees. System logs track all actions taken on behalf of employees.


Compliance and Audit Events

The Genesis Difference

Genesis is a Platform that you can own and operate in the cloud or on-premise, managing both SaaS and non-SaaS (COTS software). Competitors offer a SaaS solution for managing your SaaS software only. What about all the other software? Besides, Management & Governance helps you manage your enterprise risk profile, so it’s better that you maintain complete control over it.

A specialized platform for SaaS Management & Governance that leverages innovations in rapid on-boarding, 100% portal customization with no coding, and many other code-less features that allow you to deploy the solution in one day. We guarantee it!


Genesis Architecture

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